Pink Pangea: Edinburgh, Scotland — The Nature Lover’s Guide


Royal Botanic Garden– Edinburgh

I recently had a story published on Pink Pangea, a travel website that calls itself “a community for women who love to travel.” I have gone on a writing retreat in Costa Rica and attended a writing workshop in Brooklyn both hosted by Pink Pangea and thoroughly enjoyed them! Here is a short excerpt from my piece, the rest can be found at

Hours of research aside, I still was not prepared for the vast amount of outdoor tourist destinations in Edinburgh, Scotland.

As the capital of Scotland and the second most populous city in the country I expected a fairly dirty, crowded, concrete and touristy stay. And although I personally am a fan of crowded and dirty (I live in Brooklyn where the closest thing to nature is an overly aggressive, well-fed and practically domesticated squirrel), I can also say I was pleasantly surprised when I realized Scotland’s beautiful landscapes do not only exist in the highlands and islands, but also in Edinburgh’s city centre.

While both Old Town and New Town offer fantastic restaurants, shopping and entertainment, the combination of rural and urban is what makes the city truly a place to marvel at. So before you eat at the café where J.K. Rowling wrote some of Harry Potter, hike a mountain. And after you shop at French Connection and Calvin Klein, take a tour of the famous St. Andrew’s golf course.

Here are my favorite things that I checked out during my nature exploration of Edinburgh, which I recommend to anyone planning a visit.

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